You wish to sell

You are the owner of a property and you want to sell it but you don’t know which is the procedure to follow, what are the laws in force and you miss time and availability. Do not hesitate to entrust it to the real estate professionals who commit themselves putting their know-how and their marketing tools at your service.

  • we carry out a free opinion value of your property
  • we make sure that documents scrupulously follow the laws in force
  • we select targeted links among our customer files
  • we market your property on national and international web sites
  • we deal with the diffusion on the most sold advertising media of the region
  • we increase our efficiency by panels with strong visibility (if exclusivity)
  • we provide you with English and Italian advertisement in our shop window
  • we closely follow every step of the sale and give you a report
  • we undertake the negotiation with your interest in mind
  • we accompany the buyers to the the notary's for the signature of the notarial act